Save Costs with Vehicle Fuel Level Monitoring

Save Costs with Vehicle Fuel Level Monitoring

Are your drivers stealing fuel from you?

Do you doubt that the vehicle was driven less and the receipt for the fuel was for more?


Is There A Device That Can Track & Archive Your Vehicles’ Location?

Yes, there is!

The Fleet Management System by Amity Software is such a tool for you.


Increase Revenue 3X with Automatic Underwriting Solution

Most of the insurance businesses around the world lose a good deal of their revenue in underwriting related challenges. But with the help of the technology and software systems, insurance businesses can increase their revenue minimise the challenges and issues in the underwriting.


How Can Automated Truck Scales Help Factories and Mills?

Weighing of the raw material coming in and final product going out are two of the most crucial operations in any factory. If there is an error or flaw in these 2 processes, the factories can bear a loss of up to 1 million dollars annually. Therefore, it is imperative that weighing operations in factories and mills are free of error and any flaw.

Eliminate Duplicate Weighing with Amity’s Smart Weighing System

Eliminate Duplicate Weighing with Amity’s Smart Weighing System

Amity’s Smart Weighing System is an automated weighing system that is being used by the industries and mills to streamline their weighing operations.


Improving Your Business Efficiency and Security with RFID Software Solutions

RFID software solutions are gaining widespread acclaim in several business areas across the globe. RFID solutions hold great power in them which is the reason for them being a tool in industries for better efficiency and higher security.

RFID Software Solutions – Advantages It Gives Your Business

RFID Software Solutions – Advantages It Gives Your Business

Retail and manufacturing businesses around the world are always looking for ways to improve their channels and revenue streams. For this, the best possible way is to streamline operations and automate the distribution channels.

Why Automatic Weighbridge Management Software Is Better_

Why Automatic Weighbridge Management Software Is Better?

The use of weighbridges dates back to the early 20th century and the engineers have come a long way from there. With the introduction of the internet, computers, smart computers, and technology, weighbridges have got a major update.

Bespoke Software Development - blog feature image

Bespoke Software Development – New Trend That Suit Your Business Requirements

Bespoke software development is increasingly becoming a way of conducting the business in the 21st century. Custom software solutions by the companies around the world are helping businesses identify specific challenges in their operation workflows and business obstructions.


Custom Software Development – Get an Unbelievable Rise in Business Turnover

Businesses are always on a lookout to improve their existing processes and welcome growth.

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