Investment Management System

Managing of an asset for the organisations and businesses is a hefty task. A systematic approach is needed to govern and realise value from the things that a group of entity is responsible for. Managing of assets is done over the tangible or physical assets like building or equipment as well as to the intangible assets like human capital, intellectual property.

For proper asset management, one needs a systematic approach of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets most cost-effectively. This also includes all costs, risks, and performance attributes. For this, we have prepared a comprehensive ERP solution, SMART ASSET, for asset management.

Smart Asset By Amity

SMART ASSET is an end-to-end web-based solution designed and developed by Amity Software for Asset Management Companies. It is fully equipped to handle multi-currency and multi-country operations. Our solution can be used by any organisation dealing with asset management, insurance fund management, pension fund management, etc.

SMART ASSET is a web-based solution with additional capabilities of mobility and portal. Our solution can be deployed as a holistic suite or as individual modules which can be integrated with existing legacy systems.