Loyalty & E-Purse Management

Amity Software’s Loyalty & E-Purse Management system can be used by –

  • Shopping Malls
  • Departmental Store Chains

This product has been designed to enhance the brand image of shopping mall or departmental store chain and keep shoppers loyal to mall/store by providing enhanced value proposition. A properly managed loyalty program also enhances the footfall in a mall or store.

How It Works?

A loyalty program member, who is primarily a shopper, earns the loyalty points at any participating merchant establishment, shop in a mall or a particular store of the chain, against shopping done by him/her. These points can be redeemed anytime in a future date to make purchases against the points.

This system includes a module for settlement of accounts related to loyalty system with various shops/stores. Further, it provides dedicated websites and mobile apps for member shoppers. This system also takes care of cross loyalty which is applicable in case of shopping malls where points issued by one shop/store can be redeemed at another shop/store.

The registered shoppers are issued a Loyalty Smart Card or alternatively system can work with QR Code and/or Mobile numbers. This system is available as an ASP model where customers do not have to bother about backend hardware servers, database administration, and trained IT professionals. This system runs on Amity Software’s cloud and all backend maintenance activities are taken care of by us.