Mobile Applications

Reliable and robust data management

Data management requirements of such large volumes and complexity of data through efficient handling of handle large volumes without compromising on performance and response times.

Lost & Found

Fully automatic online system to claim any items lost.

  • Corporate section is used by AAI to showcase corporate initiatives and share information such as tenders, organization details, etc.
  • Employee section is for use by AAI's internal employees and shares internal documents, reports, transfer orders and other official information across employees globally
  • Airports section comprises independent microsites within the enterprise web portal to represent the individual airport-specific information related to all 125 airports, to air passengers

Mobile Applications

Our team also have in-house application developers who can create Android applications as well as iOS applications.

The unique feature of our mobile application is that we allow real-time alerts and updates, information, FAQs and many more. Furthermore, our mobile application can be integrated with the web portal, meaning you can access the web portal in the form of a mobile application.

On demand of customers, our mobile application developers have also successfully managed to allow users to upload audio and video files to the application which are then stored on a cloud platform. We also automate the system to send regular and timely updates to the user. With web portal integration, the update only needs to be made on a single platform and will be reflected on both.