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Agriculture Management Software for Sugar Industry

AMS for the sugar industry is designed to manage lifecycle of sugar for sugar factories.

This agriculture management software enables factories to manage the good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time supply of sugar. It is done by helping to manage and monitor all aspects of the cultivation of sugar. These activities include farmer registration, land recruitment, cane growth monitoring, agronomy, agri-engineering, harvesting, weighing, and transportation of the cane to the factory. AMS for the sugar industry manages payments to farmers and contractors. With the business of sugar becoming increasingly complex and competitive from the factories, our system is a solution for happier farmers ensuring increased profits, quality, transparency, and traceability.

Maximum Yield and Optimum Resources

AMS for the sugar industry is a single solution for all these activities. It monitors and keeps a check on the relationship with the farmers which leads to profit, improves the traceability of the system and ensures high-quality crop to the customers.

Make the most of your inputs

Our system reduces the cut to crush time for the sugar. You are able to better plan, monitor, and study the farm activities. All the activities before the plantation of the crop that is important for the healthy growth of the sugarcane crop are managed by our system.

Monitor the farm performance

AMS for the sugar industry, when used by the agribusinesses, can also record and save the data for the seed and fertiliser issuance to the farmers. Easily verify and check the payment adjustment for the input issued to the farmers.

Availability of agronomy data

The system stores the data for all crops grown on the land throughout the years with data like input given, the yield generated, the weather conditions, the cost incurred for the produce, etc.

Stay with the seasons

The system gives an overview of the weather forecast in the area using geo-spatial data. Additionally, the system studies past weather data of the location and produce comprehensive rainfall and weather graphs that allow you to plan the crop activities as the weather allows.

Take care of the farm’s economy

Our AMS for the sugar industry comes with several parameters pre-loaded that help you manage and take care of the farm’s economy. It stores data of the results obtained from the soil and tissue testing laboratories and presents them in an easy to understand visual graphs.

Generate reports and analytics

Our system measures the efficiency of water usage on the farm so that you can minimise the wastage of the resource. Additionally, the recovery analysis feedback from various sources helps you to analyse the farm parameters in depth. Hence, it leads to improved decisions in the future.

AMS for the Sugar Industry by Amity

You can use our Agriculture Management Software for the sugar industry to budget, plan, and record all your activities for sugar establishment and monitoring. Also, you can keep track of all your costs and income and use the powerful gross margin reports to understand which production areas are giving you problems and which are the winners.

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