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Our Solid Waste Management Software is a blend of several technologies to give a smooth and uninterrupted waste landfill software and waste disposal monitoring and tracking.

In garbage collection monitoring, the garbage collectors are provided with unique identification tags in the form of RFID tags. RFID readers are set up in the disposal grounds which read the vehicle entry and exit into the ground with solid waste landfill software. Further, a smart weighing system is installed which, with the help of waste collection management, ascertains that every truck is carrying more than the minimum limit and less than the maximum limit.

Additionally, with the help of vehicle tracking of garbage vehicles, the control room can have geo-tracking of solid waste collection vehicles. With the municipal vehicle tracking feature, the movement and location of garbage trucks can be monitored. The tracking of solid waste vehicles makes sure that the duties are performed effectively.

The Need for Solid Waste Landfill software

Collection, disposal, and monitoring solid waste is a challenge across the globe. The governments and companies are shifting their focus on the collection and proper treatment of all the solid waste from factories and households. Solid waste management software allows easy recycling as well of the items that are not disposed of trash.

Since people have started living in the settlement, managing & disposing of the solid waste has been an issue. With the era of digitalisation and technology advancement, waste management saw new dawn where it can be changed and used as a valuable resource. The need of the hour demands every household and business owner to manage the solid waste and effectively dispose of them. 

Features of Our Solid Waste Management Software System

Predefined Route

The route that the collection truck has to follow is defined as default in the system. If the truck deviates from the designated path without authorisation, the administrator will be notified immediately via alert notification.

MIS Reporting

Using the system, the administrator can generate the Management Information System reports for better decision making, control of the fleet, and analysis of the information. Our Solid Waste Disposal Monitoring System gives insight into the process flow.


Using our geo tracking of waste feature, one can define the geo-fence or the allowable radius for the collection truck. With the help of geo-fence, the administrator can be assured that no two vehicles will cross over and intercept each other’s operation. In case the geo-fence is breached, the administrator will be notified immediately.

Solid Waste Management Software System by Amity

The Solid Waste Management Software gives a complete system of monitoring and data logging is automated with no human interaction. The users can access the location through a web portal, can pull out previous records from the system and can also opt for the SMS alert notification service to receive an alert.

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