Waste Collection System-MCD

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Municipal Corporation Delhi

Ramky Environ Systems Limited, with revenue of more than one billion USD is entrusted to manage waste collection system from households and commercial establishments of Northern Delhi.

Ramky established following infrastructure and processes, to achieve stated objectives -

Garbage Flow Collection Process

Different types of vehicles are allocated to perform this work:-

Primary Vehicles

The garbage is collected by the “primary vehicles” from the residential and commercial establishments and transferred to the nearest bin placed at the street corner.Each primary vehicle has to go through approximately 8 routes per day.

Secondary Vehicles

The “Secondary Vehicles” are responsible for replacing the filled-up bins with the empty bins.They take filled-up bins to nearest Transfer Points where these bins are emptied.These vehicles have to go through approximately 5 routes per day.

Tertiary Vehicles

The “Tertiary Vehicles” are responsible for picking up garbage from Transfer points and dump it at the final dumping location i.e. SLF site at Narela. These vehicles have to go through many routes every day and their movement is controlled by the concerned supervisor.

Process Adopted

The entire process was managed manually as follows -

The vehicles are parked at the depots. Vehicles have to leave depot by 8 AM in the morning. For every vehicle, Supervisor used to record odometer reading, fuel status and time of leaving depot manually.

There was no mechanism to monitor vehicles once they were out of the depot.

Problems Faced

Ramky realized the enormity of task undertaken with strict SLA signed with Municipal Corporation of Delhi, to clear every Transfer Point at pre specified timings every day. It became difficult to manage the whole process manually. This led to penalty imposed by Government to the tune of US$ One Million.

The Solution

We took up the challenge to provide an automated system to track, monitor and control all vehicles from central control room.

We have fitted every vehicle with a latest GPS technology based vehicle tracking device, set-up back-end system, created web based solution to enable supervisors to not only monitor but also to have ability to stop vehicle moving away from Geo fencing created.These devices store information in absence of GPRS coverage, and transmit whenever GPRS signal is available. Further, they have the provision to transmit alert signal, in case driver tries to cut-off external power to tracking device, from the vehicle battery.

While doing so we realized that many bin locations are not clearly defined on map. So we undertook task of digital mapping to mark locations on map and to work-out routes to be followed. Alternatives were created to deploy a vehicle close by, in case designated vehicle breaks-down.

Current Status

The project was implemented on war footing in the backdrop of penalty imposed by MCD. Now it is possible for Ramky’s Supervisors to monitor every vehicle in real time mode, find out location, over speeding, etc on a click of button. It is further possible to trace back historical data to understand trend, take corrective action and control entire operation.



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