ERP Software for Agriculture

ERP Software for Agriculture Industry – Its Pros & Cons

ERP software for agriculture industry helps in the end to end process and operational management. With the growing integration of technology and traditional agriculture practices, ERP has emerged as one of the most reliable tools for businesses.

If you are an agribusiness owner and have still not implemented this tool, this blog is for you.

Let us begin.

Pros of ERP Software for Agriculture Industry

This section will make you want to implement this tool right away. Read on.

1.     Cost management

The software will manage the costs and track expenditures for you. This way, you can identify cost consuming parameters and put a stop loss on them.

2.     Reporting

The software saves all the data in a digital form, under various categories. Thus, when you need quick access to a data field, just select a filter and boom! Make your reporting process faster.

3.     Invoicing

The ERP software for agriculture industry makes the invoicing process automatic for you. Loans, debts, liabilities, payment, everything is managed automatically by the software.

This list can go on and on but where is the fun without some negatives?

Cons of Agriculture Software

Nothing too out of the ordinary but you should know these.

  1. You need to incur a heavy expense. Though it is one time and pays off itself after a few years, it’s a big deal for many businesses.
  2. Machines eat jobs. So, it might happen that you will no longer need many of the human resources anymore.
  3. It takes some time to get the hang of it. Though user training modules are available to ease the process.

Next Steps

Amity Software is a market leader in the development and implementation of ERP software for the agriculture industry. We have developed solutions for:

  • Software for the sugar industry
  • Software for the seed industry
  • Software for the tea and coffee industry
  • Software for cereal and food grain industry
  • Software for the horticulture industry

To learn more, schedule a free consultation with our experts.

Agriculture Management ERP Software

Agriculture Management ERP Software and Its Importance in Agribusinesses

Agriculture is the backbone of an economy. So, people who are involved in running this sector must be provided with the best possible technology and software to perform better. One thing that boosts agribusinesses is agriculture management ERP software.

Now, the question comes that what is this software and how it is useful for the agribusiness. Don’t worry; we shall answer all these queries. Let’s dive right in.

What is Agriculture Software?

Okay, first things first. Agriculture management software is an end to end comprehensive suite that monitors, analyses and manages all the business process for any agriculture-related business.

To put this into the picture, the following activities are made much simple and faster with agriculture management ERP software:

  • Invoicing
  • Finance
  • Land registration
  • Farmer registration
  • Nutrient reporting
  • Fertiliser report
  • Crop audit
  • Harvesting calendar
  • Packing scheduling
  • Delivery scheduling

And way much more.

Its Importance

All these things can be done manually, right? So, why would anyone want to invest millions of dollars in purchasing a software? Here’s why:

1.     Creates Synced Processes

Think hard. Do you write down all the information in a single document? No. You have multiple channels and multiple documents for information.

This software gives you a synchronised and central system.

2.     Work Management

Do you enjoy constantly hovering over the heads of your employees? Nobody does.

This software allows you to assign work from your system, collect the report from your system, and take action from your system.

3.     Access on the Go

Access the system on a mobile app or the desktop without the fear of security and integrity compromise.

Where Will You Get All These?

Well, not to brag, but Amity Software does hold extensive experience in providing agriculture management ERP software to businesses in the following sectors for more than 3 decades:

  • Software for the sugar industry
  • Software for the seed industry
  • Software for the horticulture industry
  • Software for the tea and coffee industry
  • Software for cereal and food grain industry

What do you need to do? Simply schedule a free consultation call with our experts and relax!

Best Agriculture ERP Software

How to Find Best Agriculture ERP Software for Your Agribusiness?

Agribusiness is important. Managing an agribusiness efficiently is more important. And choosing the right agriculture management ERP software for your agribusiness is most important.

But how does that work? Do you just go online, search for agriculture software, hit enter, call the first company and place your order? Well, the first half of the process sure looks like this. But not the one after you hit the enter button for your search query.

Here is a quick breakdown of how you can find the best agriculture ERP software for your agribusiness.

Check These 2 Parameters Always

Just check these 3 parameters in the proposed solution and you will be in a much better position of your search:

1.     Domain Expertise

Always make sure if the vendor has prior experience in delivering the agriculture management ERP software.

You do not want to be the scapegoat for their experiment.

Also, never be afraid to ask for credentials of the developers, project managers, etc.

2.     Features

The more features, the better is software. But is more always better? Not at all.

So, whenever you decide to buy this software, do not be impressed by tens of functionalities.

Instead, focus on the ones that you need. Check if the software fulfils all your requirements or not.

Who Can Help You?

Amity Software holds an experience of more than 3 decades in the development of agriculture management ERP software. Hundreds of businesses are using our software in:

  • Software for the sugar industry
  • Software for the tea and coffee industry
  • Software for cereal and food grain industry
  • Software for the seed industry
  • Software for the horticulture industry

To learn more about how the software can help your agribusiness, schedule a free consultation with our team.

Agriculture Management ERP Software

3 Must-Have Features in Agriculture Management ERP Software

If you remember the economics lectures of your high school, there was a saying – agriculture is the backbone of any economy. Thus, it is imperative that agribusinesses are also important for creating a self-sufficient country.

For their development, one can take help of agriculture management ERP software. But choosing this beast of an investment is no easy task. So, here is a quick snapshot of 3 features that your investment should have.

3 Must-Have Features

The global agriculture industry is investing in technology. You should too. And to help you get started, our consultants have prepared this blog for you.

3 must-have features of your agriculture management ERP software:

  • Should have an option to provide MIS reports on a monthly or yearly basis. MIS reports should include expense, revenue, and balance. Why? Because this data will help you to manage corporate finances transparently. What is the point of software if you’re going to that manually?
  • Businesses lose a lot of revenue in waste material and useless by-products. Good software should be able to offer you an optimum way to identify wastage of resources and out a plug on them.
  • The ERP system from your vendor should offer you a central system. A central system will allow you to manage and monitor all the data from a single place. It should allow you central management power for purchase, inventory, sales, and expenses.
Agriculture software

What Sectors Can We Help You In?

Amity Software is an industry leader for agriculture management ERP software. We have expertise in creating:

  • Software for the sugar industry
  • Software for tea & coffee industry
  • Software for seed business
  • Software for cereal & food grains industry
  • Software for horticulture industry

Learn more by scheduling a free consultation call with our experts.

agriculture software

Creating Digital Fences Using Agriculture Management Software

Creating fences around your farm or field use a lot of time and can cost you money. Furthermore, maintenance of fences is also a costly affair. And if your fences get old or damaged, then it’s a different project altogether.

With the help of agriculture management software, you no longer have to worry about the fences and their maintenance.

Why Software Is Better?

Well, for starters, machines do not make any mistakes. The saying also says “To err is human”.

But here are a few reasons why software is better for digital fencing:

  • Provides a practical and cost-effective alternative
  • Eliminating soil erosion
  • No intrusion of habitats
  • GPS based location management
  • Reduces the cost of labour
  • Allow workers to focus on other tasks

Make Your Business Modern

Businesses now are taking full advantage of technology. The agriculture management software is helping these businesses to up their revenue by an exponential margin. It can help you too. How?

  • Holistic growth of the business
  • Implementation of analytics
  • Better decision making
  • Agriculture technologies
  • Gauge productivity matrices
  • Improves marketing campaigns

Where Amity Comes In?

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of agribusinesses and have identified mission-critical areas that are an obstacle to growth.

We offer agriculture management software solutions for:

  1. Software for Sugar Industries
  2. Software for Seed Companies
  3. Software for Tea & Coffee Industry
  4. Software for Cereal & Food Grain Companies
  5. Software for Horticulture Industry
agriculture management software

Next Steps

Learn more about this software can help your agribusiness establish digital fence and save you tonnes of money. Schedule a free consultation with our experts by writing to our team.

Insurance Management ERP Software

Insurance Management ERP Software – #1 ERP Designed for Insurance Industry

Insurance is a contract between an insurer and an insured. The insurer guarantees compensation for the loss incurred by the insured for the conditions stated in the contract. In exchange for the insurer looking out for the other person, the insured pays a yearly/monthly premium to the insurance company. The insurance management ERP software makes all these processes simpler, better, and faster. There are a large number of insurance companies that offer insurance services for the private and commercial sectors.

Insurance is a contract between an insurer and an insured. The insurer guarantees compensation for the loss incurred by the insured for the conditions stated in the contract. In exchange for the insurer looking out for the other person, the insured pays a yearly/monthly premium to the insurance company.

The insurance management ERP software makes all these processes simpler, better, and faster. There are a large number of insurance companies that offer insurance services for the private and commercial sectors.

The Birth of This Software

Every business wants to grow. For that, they take help of software solutions. These solutions help them to manage and optimise the business cycle. The insurance management ERP software is designed to do just that for insurance businesses.

Here’s how:

  1. The number of vendors providing this software is not small.
  2. But the challenge lies in choosing the one which is reliable, has enough experience, and can understand your business needs & challenges.
  3. The insurance companies use this policy management software for budget-friendly and business management.
  4. A good software vendor offers customers the availability of online and offline suite.

But what is the major benefit of using this software? It acts as a completely automatic policy management system.

The best thing is that it is a scalable, robust, and pocket-friendly process automation tool. It streamlines and monitors all the process functions of your insurance business.

Major Advantages of Claim Management Software

Whether you’re insurance business deals in life insurance, property insurance, health insurance, auto insurance or other, this software is useful for business growth.

The software solution covers all the operations that your business follows. It also includes all the product lines that your business deals in.

Some of the major advantages are:

  • It helps in relationship building and nurturing with your customers.
  • Create synergy with distribution channels effectively
  • Manage as many centres as you want.
  • Offers optimisation for business processes
  • Manage end to end business operations and requirements
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes

Industries Which Need This Software

As said above, every business wants to improve its operational efficiency. And for the insurance industry, this task is done by insurance management ERP software. But at the overview of the suite, we can identify three areas which use this software primarily:

1.     Software for Life Insurance

  • Developed with global insurance companies
  • Tailored for the needs of the life insurance business
  • Automated underwriting and risk assessment
  • Automatic claims processing and settlement
  • Online functionality for remote access

2.     Software for General Insurance

  • Insight-driven decision making
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Tailored for the users of the software
  • Deep domain and expertise
  • Streamlined operations and finances

3.     Software for Insurance Brokers

  • Easy to use and scalable
  • Can manage millions of documents without error
  • Easy upload and download of document
  • Encrypted data management for security
  • Eliminate paper-based process
  • Save time and money

What Can We Conclude?

The insurance management software has helped hundreds of insurance businesses around the world and it can help you too. If you are looking for a place to start, contact the insurance software consultants at Amity Software contact us.

Insurance Broker Software

How Insurance Broker Software Reduce Workload And Increase Profits?

Insurance broker software is now being used widely by the insurance broker firms for smooth operations and higher efficiency. But how exactly does this happen? Let us see the overview.

A Brief History

Over the years, people are growing conscious of the various things that can bring heavy bills with them and need insurance. Beginning with life insurance, companies now offer property insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance, and many more. But with an increasing number of offerings, the workload on insurance brokers is also piling.

Insurance brokers are always on a lookout for a tool that can take some of the load off. But that means additional cost for the firm.

With computers, a lot changed. The insurance brokers were able to reduce the workload significantly. But as the processes started getting complex, the utility started to decrease. Once again, the companies face the same challenge – how to reduce the workload?

Enter Insurance Broker Software by Amity Software

Recently, insurance broker software is emerging as a much better option for handling the end to end insurance process. Additionally, the customer management feature of the software allows brokers to keep track of their clients.

How does our software help?

  1. The first thing is to prepare the client profile according to the insurance type. But this is where it gets boring.
  2. The agent has to fill a long list of forms with the client’s details. Then they have to calculate the premium for the policy. And then the process continues.
  3. For big corporations with large manpower, doing these activities manually brings no challenges.
  4. But when we look at the small and medium insurance businesses, they struggle in this area.
  5. It is not possible for them to employ so many people just for the data filling purposes.
  6. However, with insurance broker software, everyone gets to enjoy a piece of the pie. Without hiring extra employees, insurance businesses are able to do their work.

We also deal in:

  1. Insurance Management Software for Life Insurance does end to end insurance management, reinsurance, underwriting, etc.
  2. Insurance Management Software for General Insurance does automated underwriting, policy issuance, claims settlements, etc.

Want to Know More?

If we have piqued your curiosity, you will be thrilled to know that the insurance broker software does not keep asking questions to bug the users and it decreases the paperwork to virtually zero.

To know more about how the software is helping insurance businesses globally, schedule a free consultation with insurance experts at Amity Software!

Claim Management Software

Focus On People with Insurance Claim Management Software

The insurance business is all about understanding your customers and focussing on them. And if some too exists that can make this easier for you, wouldn’t you love to have it in your business? We figured. The answer to all your problems lied in a simple solution – insurance claim management software.

How Does It Work?

Customers need help and communications frequently from the insurers while settling a claim. They want the information to be transparent, to be made available when they want, and settle the claim as soon as possible.

All this is possible when you have an efficient process in place. Insurance claim management software works to do exactly this. Here’s how:

1.     Manage Claims Lifecycle

With this software, you do not have to be caught up between the FNOL, the investigation, and settlement. The software manages the entire lifecycle for you, beginning from FNOL to the setup of claims, processing of a claim, and claims settlement.

2.     Agile & Scalable

The insurance claim management software is agile for business changes and is scalable. We know that you won’t be confined to the same number of customers forever. So, your software should be business rules-driven. This allows you to meet customer expectations.

3.     Profit Catalyst

The software gives you a safeguard against frauds and errors in the process. It is said that to err is human, but machines don’t make mistakes. And you certainly do not want mistakes in claims settlement. The software has fraud detection, verifications, risk assessment, etc.

What Industries Can You Use It For?

The insurance claim management software is useful for the:

  • Insurance Management Software for Life Insurance
  • Insurance Management Software for General Insurance
  • Insurance Management Software for Insurance Brokers

What Is The Next Step?

The insurance business revolves around customer satisfaction. If you are able to entertain your customer, they are going to stay with you. Claims settlement is also a part of the same table. To grow your insurance business, you have to make claims settlement better. To learn how insurance claim management software does that, schedule a free consultation with our industry experts.


What Is Agriculture Management Software, Its Pros and Cons?

Agriculture management software is a software suite that manages end-to-end business and managerial operations for any agribusiness. It includes modules for various department-based needs like farm management, labour management, agronomy, outgrower management, etc.

Overview of What Agriculture Management Software Does (Pros)

 Imagine you own a sugar mill. You also have a 2000 hectare field registered for your mill to grow sugarcane. Your friend told you that there is software in the market for your agribusiness and you should check it out. So, here is a brief overview of what the agriculture management software will do.

The software will record the contract of the outgrower if there are any. This includes recording the contract of new lands and preparing the list of activities for the land preparation for farming (ploughing, etc.). Then the software records how the planting of the sugarcane will be done. The main purpose of agriculture management software comes when you need crop growth monitoring. And a great software vendor will also provide you with a calendar for the harvesting process. Isn’t that great news?

That is not all. Several vendors also have modules in their software which record land inspection data, prepare quality assessment reports, manage the use of fertilizers in the field. Agriculture management software also automates the seed supply process. This, however, is not needed for a sugar farm, though.

You get the idea, right?

But it not all gold and glitter down this road. While this software is a boon for literally so many businesses, there is a reason why still not all businesses have hopped on the bandwagon still. So, here are a few reasons why this is so.

Agriculture Management Software Has Downsides

We won’t go into a deep rant about this. But will just brush over the primary ones that you should know if you are planning to upgrade your agribusiness.

  1. Automation eats up jobs. So, if you are planning to automate several processes in the business, be ready to bid some of the employees goodbye.
  2. Agriculture management software is an expansive affair. It will burn a noticeable hole in your company’s finances. But don’t worry, the ROI is much greater. But yes, the one time blow is quite hard for businesses.

Amity Software – A Strategic Partner

Amity Software is a strategic partner for hundreds of businesses globally when it comes to agriculture management software. Our product offerings are designed after careful study of businesses and their needs. Some of these are:

  1. AMS for Sugar Industry for an end to end management of sugar mills, from preparing the farm for sugarcane planting till distributing sugar.
  2. AMS for Tea & Coffee Industry for tea plantation and coffee plantation management.
  • AMS for Seed Industry for seed companies, seed weighing, and seed quality inspection.
  1. AMS for Cereal & Food Grains Industry for planning, monitoring, quality checking, etc. for food grains.
  2. AMS for Horticulture for farm activity management, cattle management, poultry management, etc.

To know more about how agriculture management software can help your business, schedule a free consultation with our experts.

Insurance Software

Insurance Industry Needs Customised Software Solutions – Why?

COVID-19 has given a thrust to the insurance industry for the better. But there are several changes that your competitors are implementing in their business working. Are you ready to implement these changes? Is your business prepared now for tomorrow? If the answer is no, then do not worry. This blog post on insurance management software will guide you just in the right direction.

So, let us get into it without wasting any time.

1.  The Change We Didn’t See Coming

Whether we like to admit to it or not, COVID-19 has hit the businesses worldwide hard. While it may not be a big blowback to you, there are many businesses who feel the opposite. At the same time, policyholders across the world are struggling with claims settlement. Several hospitals even denied cashless claims to the policyholders.

We know how bad it makes you look in the eyes of the customers. If your business has insurance management software, you can quickly make changes to fulfil the needs of the customers at that particular time.

2.  Time to Go Digital

There are so many insurance businesses who want to scale their operations but lack the fuel – digital transformation. In the era of the internet and AI, if a business is not still using digital modes, they are slitting their own throats. Do you want to be one of them? Of course not! So, why haven’t you gone digital yet?

The insurance management software offers insurance businesses a complete end to end automation and digitalisation. With this, you can edit a policy, connect with the customers, provide the cashless facility, and much more.

3.  Convert Premiums to EMIs

Well, we know that the cash crunch is the major problem today. Businesses and customers are running out of cash to keep the cycle running. At such a time, you don’t want to push your customers into paying their yearly insurance premium. You are only going to attract bad word of mouth marketing by doing this.

On the other hand, the use of insurance management software allows businesses like yours to convert the payment cycle into monthly instalments. You can keep a track of payment, send reminder, etc.

Next Steps with Amity Software

Our software solutions are developed for:

  1. Amity ASSURE is a life insurance management software for life insurance businesses for individuals and groups.
  2. Amity INSURE is a general insurance management suite covering auto, health, accident, etc. insurances.
  3. Amity iBroker is an insurance management suite for the insurance brokers giving an seamless interface to interact with customers.

Where to Buy This Magical Tool?

If you are willing to take the business to the next level, want to attract and retain your customers, and want them to be impressed by you, you need to keep up with the trend. And what does the trend say? It says yes to digital transformation.

We know it is not as easy as it sounds. That is why you can contact the business consultants at Amity to know about the insurance management software.