E-Governance Project Company India
with State & Central Governments

Product Range for Our E-Governance Solutions

Driver License & Vehicle Registration

The Smart Card based Solution has been implemented for the issuance of chip-enabled Driver License and Vehicle Registration Certificate.

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Solid Waste Management

Our Solid Waste Disposal Monitoring and Management is a blend of several technologies to give a smooth and uninterrupted waste collection service.

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E-Ganna Portal & App for Sugarcane Farmers

E-Ganna is an online ERP system for sugarcane farming. It consists of a mobile application ‘E-Ganna’ and a web portal ’CaneUP’.

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Amity Software is a CMMI level 5 company and an e-governance project company. We develop government projects software like government portal development. We are a company with e-governance experience and have been working with various governments to design, develop, implement, and manage online government services. We hold experience in e-governance software under Build-Own-Operate (BOO), Build-Own-Operate and Transfer (BOOT), Bought-out, hybrid and revenue models.

Amity has developed software for e-governance for various e-governance solutions like web portal for government, driving license software, national ID system, etc. We have designed all the software for ministry using various technologies like GPS, GIS, GSM Network, RFID, etc. The e-governance solution by Amity ensure real-time monitoring and also provide real-time data of the various activities associated with the existing system. This improves effectiveness and reduces errors in the system. We have provided Public Distribution System, Electronic Benefits Transfer, Identification Cards, E-District, E-Panchayat, E-Citizen Services, and Land Records for various state governments across India.

Technologies Used In E-Governance Solutions

Amity is a known name when it comes to custom software development. Our wide range of off-the-top solutions to counter specific industry problems are built on latest and simple technologies. We have built e-governance solutions using RFID technology for monitoring of solid waste disposal in the city, tracking samples from the field and to the lab, authorised personnel access within the premises, and others. We have also built custom ERP solutions for the state and central government projects which aim to simplify the processes in the most effective ways possible.

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