E-Ganna Web Portal and Mobile Application

For Sugarcane Farmers

Amity Software has developed an ERP system for the sugarcane farmers in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India joining over 4 million farmers in 169 sugarcane societies across the state. The project was initiated by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in an attempt to curb the sugarcane black market and disrupt the operations of the sugarcane mafia operating for several years. We developed the E-Ganna web portal and mobile application for the automation of the parchi distribution operations during the harvest and sowing season.

The Need

The sugarcane farming sector in the state is the employment source for more than a million farmers which affects them directly. Also, the sugarcane sector contributes significantly to the national exchequer. Before the sugarcane is planted in the field, the factories run a ground survey which shows the total plantation area allotted to the factory. Depending on the area allotted, the sugar factories announces the quantity of sugarcane they would need and assign a quantity of sugarcane to each grower. The growers supply the asked quantity distributed over the crushing season. The factories issue tokens for supply to their growers. The farmers deposit their produce to the collection centre of the factory and collect a slip (parchi) stating the weighing date of their crop. Generally, the farmers harvest their crop a day or two prior to the date mentioned in the parchi.

But the system, earlier, held several loopholes. These loopholes were filled by and are now controlled by sugarcane mafia in the state. This has led to the exploitation of sugarcane farmers and malpractices. This is when the government announced its promise to eliminate caste-based and family-controlled sugarcane businesses.

What is E-Ganna?

E-Ganna is an online ERP system for sugarcane farming. It consists of a mobile application ‘E-Ganna’ and a web portal ’CaneUP’. It is based on the ERP modules and is built for the ease of process. The system is transparent and will ensure that every sugarcane farmer receives correct information. It eliminates the role of facilitators and middlemen in the business. With the help of the online web portal and mobile application, the farmers are always connected with the system where they can check the information related to the parchi issuance anytime.

E-Ganna ERP System by Amity Software

The online web portal and mobile application were launched by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister in a formal ceremony on 13 November 2019 held in capital city of Lucknow. The application, since launch, has amassed over 300K downloads with more than 2M visitors on the online web portal. The system is designed to automate the parchi issue system across the state to help boost the farmer’s esteem and curb sugarcane black market.

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