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Farm Management Software for a Productive Field

Say Hello to the Future

The future of farming is here in the form of a software suite. The farm management software by Amity is a modern and advanced platform. Farm businesses use this software for farming, farmer procurement, supply chain, processing, and accounting. Over the years, several leading companies have used our farm management software for higher profits, scalable operations, and better farm activities. The software by Amity Software is scalable and developed with the future-ready approach.

What is Farm Management Software?

In layman terms, the farm management software is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software built especially for the needs of the farm and farm business owners. Amity Software offers a software platform that can have multiple users, can be accessed from multiple locations and can manage multiple crops.

We covers all basic functions of the farm management

Land preparation

Seed selection

Crop planning

Inventory management

Purchase decisions

Contract farming

Quality control

Feature of Farm Management Software

Generate MIS reports with a single click

Better macro planning, scheduling, and supply

Real-time inventory tracking and analysis

Experience up to 5X better operational efficiency

Get table control of the farm from anywhere

Experience the Good Life with Amity Software

The farm management software is an all requirement tool for all farm businesses which also aids in water conservation. With ample storage space, you can store and record historical data which can be recalled with a single click. Since the launch, Amity has helped more than a dozen businesses achieve more profits and higher economic optimisation in their farm business with the help of farm management software.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Farm Management Software?

Farm Management Software improves and optimises the farm activities and operations. The software automates end to end farm activities like managing the records, storing of data, insights of farming activities, streamlining production operations, etc.

What are the key benefits of farm management software?

It allows easy tracking of farm activities, better planning and management, reduced labour cost and input cost, better risk assessment and management, and compliance to government norms.

What is the basic cost of farm management software?

The cost of the software varies depending on the functionalities required, number of users of the system, deployment type, etc. Amity Software offers a one-time payment solution to the clients without the worry of license renewal.

What is the best farm management software?

The best farm management software is the one which fits and suits your business needs, is aligned with your business goals, and is scalable. Amity Software offers all these values coupled with domain expertise and the latest technology for an amazing price.

How Amity Software will act as a partner in our growth?

Amity Software offers the users an advanced, easy to use, and state of the art software. Our software provides the scalability and flexibility with changing business landscape and needs to all users. Our software can be easily integrated with all leading ERPs.

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