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SAP SE is the global leader when it comes to ERP software systems. Their software suites are made for large corporations, medium-sized companies, and small entries. While large corporations purchase license from SAP directly, SMEs prefer to opt for an SAP Partner. SAP Partners are tasked with implementing the SAP products in the SMEs tailoring the products as per the customer needs and addressing unique business requirements.

Why Customers Choose Us As Their SAP Partners?

The business requirements are changing every minute and the need for a dynamic system never ceases. The organisations are always growing further and are facing new challenges and complex situations. One of the ways to ensure the success of the growing business is implementing latest technology with the processes and studies the insights for informed and targeted decisions. This is where SAP products come into play. Amity is an SAP Partner and offers a range of benefits to the customers who choose to buy SAP product from us.


Custom Tailoring

Custom tailoring is one of the best feelings in the world. When a person dons a suit in which every stitch and cut was made for one individual and there is only one person in the world that it fits perfectly, it is the best feeling. The same feeling we give to the customers with our range of value addition to SAP products, the customisation and exclusiveness. All of our products and modules are custom tailored as per your business’ needs and align perfectly with your business in the whole world.


Delicate Relationships

Snowflakes look a lot alike but no two snowflakes are identical ever. Similarly, businesses in the same industry domain may look the same but they are far from identical. Since every business is different, the relationship with all varies. Customers choose Amity as their SAP Partner because they value the experience with a similar organisation. We and organisations hold the same perspective, mostly, and we are able to come to common grounds quickly.


Speedy Delivery

We want you to spread the word among your friends in a good way. Thus, we value the relationship we build with our clients and set realistic expectations. We set delivery expectations that are met with dedication and our reputation for timely delivery precedes us. Using Amity as your Partner will ensure that you get what you want and exactly when you want it. We can get you patched up with a perfect solution module in no time.

SAP License Sale by Amity

Amity offers a complete range of services by SAP. We can help you with both, an in-depth understanding of the detailed information about SAP services as well as render value by mapping the solutions to your organisation. By collaborating with clients to identify the specific problems and needs, our proposals include recommendations in business process improvements, outlining an implementation roadmap & timelines, and creating a project plan to achieve clearly targeted goals.

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