SAP Upgrade and Support

In the 21st century, the market conditions are changing invariably and overnight. The pace with which new trends and technologies are emerging, businesses are facing a challenge of technology obsolescence much sooner than expected. Thus, the survival of businesses is now largely dependent on their ability to extract raw data in no time and make relevant decisions quickly. Our SAP Upgrade and Support help in making this phase easier and efficient for organisations of all types and sizes. But what market studies show is an observation according to which, most companies go on for years without upgrading their SAP solution to the latest zones.

We are Your Trusted SAP Upgrade and Support Services Provider

Amity holds more than a decade of experience in implementing SAP products, providing uncomplicated SAP Upgrade and Support, SAP migration, and upgrading the exiting SAP solution to the latest releases. We understand that the business environment is complex, is highly commoditized but what keeps us a step ahead of others is our customer-centric approach. The only thing we keep at the top is to deliver results for your business.


SAP Upgrade Services

SAP upgrades begin with an appraisal of the landscape present in your organisation. Reappraisal of the current landscape ensures that it is aligned with your organisation’s strategic roadmap.

Technical upgrade

The objective of a technical upgrade is to achieve all goals that are within easy reach while minimising the impact on the business.

Strategic upgrade

The objective of a strategic upgrade is to ensure the adoption and deployment of web services, i.e. Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (ESOA) to create immediate differentiation and competitive advantages for an organisation.

Functional upgrade

A functional upgrade’s objective is to improve the business processes of the organisation, in addition to the upgrade of its technical environment.


SAP Support Services

Amity offers SAP support services which reduce maintenance cost for the businesses. SAP Partners team up with the existing support team of the organisation with pre-defined SLAs to arrive at on-time solutions.

We are a trusted SAP support provider

Our SAP support services help you to troubleshoot, maintain, and enhance the efficiency and uptime of your SAP solutions.

We meet all SAP requirements for support

We deliver support on a proactive, reactive or project basis with built-in flexibility. Amity Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) has met SAP’s rigorous requirements for providing high-quality and high-value support services.

We offer best support services

We give timely and consistent support, flexible pricing, reduced maintenance costs, and integrated delivery between technical & functional consultants.

SAP Upgrade and Support Services by Amity Software

A complex contract and functioning is the last thing that you would enjoy on top of a complex solution transformation. Therefore, we offer a completely transparent service S/4HANA migration to the clients that includes best prices, free from all hidden costs, and extras that you do not want or need. You know how complex SAP solutions are but we ensure that your support isn’t. Our ahead-of-the-curve knowledge and expertise give you the best return on investment and efficiency like you’ve never known.

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