Agriculture Management Software System

Agriculture Management Software - The Ideal Choice For Agribusinesses

For over a decade, we are changing lives and businesses with agriculture management software by enabling them to maintain quality, keep a tab on the crop supply, managing, and monitoring all parameters of cultivation, and keeping a check on the financial transactions to farmers, contractors, etc.

Your business does not deserve to be at the risk of errors and mercy of manual operators. We can give the power back to you. We can make your business robust and agile. We can give you the best agriculture management software for your agribusiness.

Agriculture Management Software for Agribusiness Verticals

There are several industry verticals where you can use our agriculture management software. It helps you in end-to-end crop lifecycle monitoring and management.

AMS for Sugar

AMS for Sugar

A technological blend between traditional farming techniques and modern agribusiness practices.

AMS for Tea & Coffee

AMS for Tea & Coffee

Built with extensive experience of several successful implementations across plantations in India and abroad.

AMS for Food Grain & Cereal

AMS for Food Grain & Cereal

Prepared after careful research and development to help you manage all business aspects.

AMS for Seed

AMS for Seed

Helping seed industries generate high-quality product while using the industry best practices.

AMS for Horticulture

AMS for Horticulture

Manage your field with efficient data collection, real-time data insight, and logical decision-making ability.

We Make Your Business More Efficient In 4 Steps

We value your time as much as we value ours. Making your agriculture business better and faster is not something we want to stretch. Hence, your increased efficiency and productivity is simply 4 steps away.

Land Acquisition and Preparation

Allows plot registration, farming contract registration, management of land purchases, nursery management, farmer registration, etc.

Step 1

Crop Management

Includes machinery management, road maintenance in the field, seed supply monitoring, water supply management, plucking calendar, weighment, etc.

Step 2

Dispatch and Delivery

Handles vehicle management, driver management, vehicle tracking through GPS, quality inspection of product, gross weighing, etc.

Step 3

Post-delivery Operations

Monitors withering, rolling, grading, processing, pulping of product along with input billing, farmer payment, contractor payment, etc.

Step 4

Key Highlights of Our Solution

Enjoy a 360° control
Our system lets you have complete control on the crop; keeping track of dates for processes, computing quantities of various inputs, etc.
Improved farmers relationship
Our agriculture management software strengthens your farmer-factory relationship by maintaining transparency in the system.
Integration with ERPs
Our system interfaces with ERP solutions to ensure synergy and efficiency of systems.
Cost optimisation
Now spend less and save more. We have developed agriculture management software to optimise all processes to minimise manpower and material inputs.

Delivering Customised Solution to Manage Agriculture Business

We developed our agriculture management software after a careful study of more than a thousand industry verticals and their needs. We understand your business requirements and work on making a solution for eliminating all challenges. Our team understands that every project is different with varying needs. You can rely on us for thorough research and planning.

We place high importance on finding innovative and out-of-box solutions to the problems. Thus, our agriculture management software is a result of thorough brainstorming and countless discussion sessions. Our developers and engineers always prepare the system to address the functional requirements of your industry. This helps you in identifying and working on mission-critical objectives faster.

The limitation is inside our mind only and we love to challenge our limitations. Building agriculture management software like ours requires more than the generic know-how from Google. But you are in safe hands with us, ensuring that the software is as great as the team who made it. We take care of your entire farm operations so that you can live more, work less.

Any software that has bugs and errors is only good enough to be thrown out of the window. We take bug-free development policy quite seriously and make sure all agriculture management software orders are made such. We know you hate bugs in an implemented system so we test and try every module numerous times under all possible combinations to check for its integrity and efficiency.

Every business owner wants things to take care of themselves and we have just the thing for your agribusiness. Our agriculture management software system handles like a dream which enables you to work less and live more. Our robust modules and holistic system development ascertain that all the aspects of the process are covered and that they handle themselves.

The 21st century is a fast-moving world and we understand your time is as valuable as ours. Hence, we make sure that you are not kept waiting at the edge for any of your query and support. Our agriculture management software support team is a cluster of executives in a tightly-knit environment built on the pretext of minimum response time for every response.

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