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Management Software System

Software for Cereal and Food Grain Industry

Our Software for the cereal and food grain industry is a comprehensive, robust system that addresses end-to-end requirements across the crop life cycle, from pre-cultivation, through till the delivery of the mature crop. Our AMS ensures maximum production yield at best quality, ensuring timely inputs, close monitoring, and efficient operations; consistently and predictably. The system also allows for course correction, remedies, and interventions, as and when any emergent or ADHOC situation arises, through close monitoring and timely alerts. At all the critical stages, quality checks are undertaken to enhance the health of the seeds.

Enjoy A 360° Control of Your Business

Every cereal industry wants to ensure that they have the best and the highest quality crop as their raw material. While it is impossible to guarantee a high-quality yield every single time, we have an automated system that aids in ensuring that you produce healthy and quality crops for the best end product.


Bottom-line decisions made better

The secret to great crop produce does not lie in the major changes and major effects but is the bottom-line decisions. Therefore, our AMS for the cereal & food grain industry is aimed to make these decisions better. They include decisions related to crops quantity, harvesting calendar, field information, field inputs, and crop inputs.


See real live status

Our AMS for the cereal and food grain industry brings you real-time insights and updates of the farm and crop status. You are able to generate tasks that you assign to the employees at the farm, track the time taken to complete to said activity, and how much are you spending from the earnings.


Capture activities for analysis

Field activities are always in motion, directly or indirectly. If you will look closely, the field activities never cease operations; there is always something somewhere that is happening. But what matters is how much of this continuous activity is fruitful and productive.


Connect field and corporate

With the help of our AMS for the cereal and food grain industry, you can connect the field and the office in real-time. While sitting in the office at one location, you can view and monitor the field’s performance with live status updates.


Stay connected to reality

With our AMS for the cereal and food grains industry, you are connected in real-time to the field. You know exactly what is happening and what areas you are dragging slow. The system allows you to be connected to the ground reality and be insightful of what is happening.


Production cost control is real

The AMS for the cereal and food grains industry is a tool that helps you in controlling the production cost of the field. Every organisation wants to minimise their production cost and maximise the profits. But the situation sometimes prevents us from realising the dream. But no more.

AMS for the Cereal and Food Grain Industry

AMS is designed as per the geographical location of the farm and factory so that the industry best practices are entered according to the said area and climate. With every industry difference, the needs and purpose of the system changes which is kept in mind by us. Hence, our agriculture management software is prepared specifically for your industry and business.

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