Seed Management Software

Seed Management Software for the Seed Industry

Over the years, the seed industry has expanded parallel to the growth in agricultural productivity. The growth trends show that the coming years will see an increased dependence on the pace of development and adoption of innovative technologies for the growth of agriculture to meet the demand. However, at the same time, we cannot deny that seed will become a vital component for the growth of agriculture. Hence, we have developed agriculture management software for the seed industry, designed by specialists and researchers.

Seed Business Is Science and Smartness Combined

Seed is the most important input component for an efficient and productive agriculture process. The world has witnessed significant modernisation of agriculture in the past decades and one cannot deny the substantial role that the seed producing companies have played in that.


Survey and prepare the land for best yield

Our AMS for the seed industry records all the laboratory test results for the land health and compares with the standard database for the seed type. The output is in the form of a probability which predicts how good the yield of the seed will be on that land.


Quality check the seeds

In earlier days, this check was done through a series of manual inspections. But in the 21st century, we have AMS for the seed industry. This system keeps a check on the quality of the seed that is being supplied to your vendors. The system also generates an input timeline and schedule.


Be in the loop of regulatory changes

The food department and ministries regularly update their terms and conditions to meet the latest developments of health and environmental conditions. Therefore, it is essential as a seed-producing company that you are always updated of these changes.


Inventory management is a yes

Most businesses know the importance of good inventory management. AMS for the seed industry has an inventory management feature. This can also be integrated with the population explosion data so that you can prepare yourself for the rise and fall in the demand of the seeds.

quality seeds

Control the quality of the seeds

Our AMS for the seed industry makes sure that you are generating the quality of the seeds that are requested by the client and are making enough of it. You can record and monitor the genetic potential of the seed for a variety of output and genetic capabilities.


Spend your money where it is needed

The system fetches information for the restoration and maintenance of irrigation systems and advises you about financial resources and credit facilities. It also tells you which of your operating equipment has turned obsolete and needs replacement.

AMS for the Seeds Industry

We have a software tool that enhances and effectively manages all concerned domains of your seed business. With our agriculture management software for the seed industry, you get complete traceability compliance which helps in driving in the profits and growth of the organisation.

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