Coffee And Tea
Management Software System

Agriculture Management Software for Tea & Coffee Industry

The AMS for the tea & coffee industry is designed to manage the cultivation process in tea plants and coffee gardens.

This agriculture management software allows mills to procure a healthy and adequate quantity of the tea leaves and coffee seeds. The tea & coffee industry has become more complex and competitive with the increasing number of factories. Presently, the major issues are keeping farmers happy, traceability of the system, and quality of the produce. Our AMS for the tea & coffee industry is a packaged solution addressing the needs of both, gardens as well as the office. The system is also designed to customise for the terrace type farming technique.

Make Confident Decision for Your Business

AMS for the tea & coffee industry is a system that is built to handle the end to end requirements of the business. It gives you everything that you need to know for generating a high-quality yield with the highest possible efficiency of the system.


Make sure the soil is healthy

One of the most important parts of any farming process is to ensure that the soil is healthy and have adequate minerals & salts. For this, the farmers have the soil checked before the sowing season. As a business owner, you want your farms to have the richest soil.


Check the product parameters

As a business owner, you do not want to receive defective product in your mill. Similarly, a farm owner does not want their products to be found defective and rejected. Hence, our AMS for the tea & coffee industry checks the product with standard practices.


Scout the areas that need attention

The continuous monitoring of the field’s performance, our system prepares a scouting plan for the farmer. The scouting plan focuses on the areas that are generating lower yield per acre and need attention. Study and analysis suggests counter-measures for rectification.


Follow your money

AMS for the tea & coffee industry automates and streamlines the entire accounting and financial streams of the business. The system generates invoices, payment receipts, records them all, and manage the data for the beneficiaries of the business. You can add billers, contractors, payers, payees, etc.


Get real-time insights

With AMS for tea & coffee industry, you are given the information about the nutrients that are essential for the tea and coffee plantation you are operating. By entering the laboratory results, you can easily identify the nutrients that are missing and the guide for how to replenish them in the field.


Pay for what you are getting

Weighing in the mills where the manual operation takes place, the companies are often subjected to loss due to errors in the process and malpractices. The automation of the process reduces the probability of error significantly. The same concept is used in AMS for the tea & coffee industry.

AMS for the Tea & Coffee Industry

We understands that for farming in the 21st century and for farmers of this decade, it is necessary to stay on top of the information broadcast. Therefore, our agriculture management software for the tea & coffee also comes with a farmer’s web portal upon request. With this feature, you can ensure and enforce transparent transactions and better monitoring of your farm’s performance.

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