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Smart INSURE for General Insurance

Smart INSURE, a general insurance software suite, is a solution designed for general insurance companies.

It allows you to access any and all the information that you need about an insurance policy to the customers. We understand that in the 21st century, the customers always keep businesses on their toes. They want information on their fingertips, whenever they request. Whether you are in an office or on the road, we system ensures that the staff of your business is aware of the policy information and can relay them to a customer whenever needed. The health insurance software does that with the help of several engineered processes whose architecture is as per the challenges faced by your business.

Build A Brand for Your Clients

A great insurance brand is the one which is able to serve the clients on a moment’s notice. This means that you need to always know exactly where the client is, what is their policy number, what kind of policy do they have, and is the concern related to their policy or are they looking for more options. Smart INSURE uses a digital database to store all this information that is readily available to you with a single click. Your employees have a knowledge bank at their disposal and they can provide any and all information to the clients whenever they need.


Accounting management

A major chunk of the time of general insurance companies is used by the accounting and finance part, the primary constituent being claims processing. Being an insurance company, your area of focus should be customer satisfaction. It has a dedicated accounting management module that is tailored for an insurance business.


Stay connected with the insured

The heart of an insurance business is in client relationship building. However, when operational challenges come in the way, you have less time on your hands to give to the customers. Our system allows you to send automated alerts to the clients that update them of the policy change and any new information.


Stay updated with the trend

There are a lot of forces in play and there exists a system to automate almost every single process of the business. Therefore, it is quite common that an insurance business has more than one software suites for different departments. Smart INSURE is easily aligned with other systems to act a synergetic suite giving a robust system.


Use a single login

Using various sign-in options and remembering them all is a tedious task. In essence, entering a password while accessing every single part of the system is a hammer on the efficiency the system claims to resolve. With single sign-in, you simply log into the system once and access all the areas.


Improve staff productivity

When the employees are busy in fumbling through the files and looking up the big rulebook every time a query needs to be answered, it is going to burn a hole in the efficiency line. Smart INSURE gives a dashboard and search option for quick access to all the information saving time and increasing productivity.


Run campaigns for customers

Smart INSURE acts as a support pillar for the customer-centric activities for your business. You can decrease the implementation time for the activities. The system allows you to automate sales outreach programs so that the sales team can work with more opportunities in the same amount of time.

General Insurance Management Software by Amity Software

Manual monitoring and working of the general insurance business lead to data redundancy, maintenance of a pile of documents and files, time in generating reports after studying all the concerned documents, time is taken to search for any information, and many more. To curb all these challenges, you can opt for a computerised system that manages everything for you. Smart INSURE is a general insurance software and an end-to-end process streamliner for an insurance business.

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