Ensure that your insurance claims are completely hassle-free with our easy-to-access insurance claims software. We always look for a streamlined, intuitive process to remove the difficulties of manual processing to enable us to serve our customers.

Drive the future claims smoothly

Our easy-to-use software facilitates hassle-free insurance claims. An efficient claims management system can aid your business growth through its increased productivity, reduced costs, standardization, and increased customer satisfaction. 

Eliminate all the barriers encountered while claiming the benefits of your insurance plans

We offer highly efficient software to streamline the process of claims management. 
Our insurance claims management software allows:

  • Save time
  • Increase productivity
  • Guaranteed accurate results

Comprehensive claims view:
One can easily view the policies and coverage along with the claimant’s details through the insurance claims management software. The whole history of any customer is always available at a single place to facilitate informed decision making.


Track of records:
Claim management software allows keeping a full record of the reserve history as well as the claim payments making it easier to pick out the details as and when required in future. 


Detailed reporting and analytics:
Get detailed reporting and analytics by implementing insurance claims tracking software. Enhance your understanding of various corporate sectors. 

Take One Step ahead with an Insurance Claims Software and Experience a Remarkable Growth in your Business

Enhancing the client’s satisfaction by modernizing the claims management process



We offer multi-modal access on the web and mobile for customers, service providers and intermediaries. The user has the flexibility to work at their convenience. 


Time to market

The software optimizes the time for new product launches as well as time-to-market for all the operations or processes. 



The claims management system features complete automation and completely rule out the need of doing tasks manually. We provide claims automation software at an affordable price. 

Our Claims Management System Offers Everything That You Need

Amity Insure provides various features to the clients seeking our services. Some of the prominent characteristics of our claims management software are:

  1. Rule-based processing: Claim rules are built into the system to enable clear lines of communication and help in informed decision-making.
  2. Claims Workflow: A workflow is built into the system for claim processing and every stakeholder is informed by notifications on a need-to-know basis for approvals and decisions.
  3. Automated reserve management: Claim reserves are automatically managed at each stage of the claims process, ensuring accurate reporting of liabilities.
  4. Document Repository: All the claims documents are accessible at the click of a button. Record-keeping becomes easy.
  5. Reminder function: The reminder function enables an expert to manage the tasks efficiently and provides a timely response. It also facilitates the delivery of the services of the insurance company.
  6. Keep the records updated: When preparing claims becomes more stimulating, claims management software is useful in keeping the documentation up-to-date, preparing the claims efficiently, and ensuring no data loss.
  7. Centralized database: For those who own several offices, it will help them keep their database centralized. One can easily access the files or the information as and when needed.

Our Claims Management Software Eliminates The Hassle

We offer entirely automated insurance claims management software to facilitate the clients to manage the claims systematically. 

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