Smart underwriting is required to ensure effective risk management that delivers security as well as accuracy. Amity Insure offers automated insurance underwriting that aims to save human time and effort. 

Experience Reduced Effort And Improved Clarity

Automate the underwriting process by using our insurance underwriting software that not only analyzes the big data that aids in decision making about an applicant’s eligibility for a policy but also calculates its costs.


Increased Productivity
Insurance underwriting automation helps enhance productivity. Clients experience an increase in efficiency with the automated streamlined process


Simplified Applications 
The applications are simplified that helps the users easily interpret the process. The clients can easily comprehend the techniques and use the applications for better outcomes.


Rule-Based Automation
The software provides rule-based automation that streamlines the processes ensuring strict adherence to compliance requirements. It considerably reduces the time and effort spent on manual processes.


Customer Delight 
By eliminating redundancies and duplication, it enhances the customer experience. We offer real-time engagement for a better experience for clients. 

Take One Step Ahead with an Insurance Underwriting Software and Experience a Remarkable Growth in your Business

Remarkable Risk Assessment And Digital Transformation



The insurance sector requires complex risk evaluation as it is a knowledge-intensive industry. Customer interaction always remains under the influence of corporate policies and regulatory compliance. 



Our integrated software offers insurers a platform to define risk models, policies, calculations and make the underwriting decisions with transparency and flexibility. The sharp automated process enables the insurers to keep the application up-to-date and turn the new requirements into action. 



Experience advanced transparency, agility and real-time engagement by using insurance underwriting software. It also optimizes the time-to-market for all operations. Underwriting software allows verification and validation checks that include duplicity checks, anti-money laundering, blacklisting and frauds. 

We offer flexibility, efficiency and credibility with AMITY Insure

  • Avail multi-modal access on the web and mobile for the clients, intermediaries and service providers.
  • Using software for the insurance underwriting tasks condenses the entire process for both the insurer as well as the client.
  • Automation also facilitates the insurers to digitize the processes and reduce the response time.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction With Agile Application

The insurance underwriting software allows complete automation that further eliminates the requirement of manual efforts and minimizes the cases where human judgement is needed. Hence, it helps the insurers to reduce the underwriting costs by choosing straight-through processing (STP). 

The software is a completely rule-based automated system that is designed to generate underwriting decisions swiftly. It simply reduces the turnaround time and enhances the user experience. 

It provides direct online access to the customers for the purpose of evaluation and issuance of the policy without the involvement of brokers and agents. The customers can access the software at their convenience and availability. 

Overcome The Hurdles Faced In Insurance Underwriting

Amity Software offers genuine insurance underwriting software making your underwriting simplified and effective. 

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