A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is, but what customers tell each other what it is

We are India’s leading multi-stakeholder engagement firm specialising in media relations consultants, branding, crisis management and strategic digital marketing. Our team brings a wealth of experience across media, public relations, and digital domains to serve the communication requirements of clients. Our holistic approach and 3600 engagement strategy have helped us work with clients across industries like manufacturing, technology, education, arts, insurance, media, real estate, government bodies, start-ups, NGOs etc.

What We Do?

Directing and controlling all media-related business functions constitute media management. Amity Software has a team of media consultants who are adept in developing a business strategy, align media strategy, establish publish relations, etc.

Media Management

Our team is led by a robust team of media-savvy consultants, bloggers, content writers & communicators, ex-journalists and media communication specialists. We provide a holistic approach to all strategic communications for all relevant stakeholders. With us, you experience strong inroads across national, regional, vernacular, and new age media. We have the capability to engage media professionals across levels and have delivered some of the most unique & tailor-made solutions for clients.

Brand Management

Our team has a deep understanding of Strategic Brand Positioning and amplification. We can advise clients on ideal industry positioning, create unique brand positioning avenues for our partners, and have expertise in building a compelling brand narrative that helps in engaging multiple stakeholders. We also engage in strategic digital marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, SMO, etc. for brand management.

Crisis Management

Our team of experts have settled some mission-critical issues for clients, are competent in crafting unique solutions to address unique situations, and provide meaningful engagement of on-media stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our team has a 360° stakeholder engagement capability. We can fruitfully engage a large spectrum of stakeholders for clients in multiple sectors. Apart from creating avenues that make existing businesses robust and scalable, we also hold dominance in meaningful engagement leading to a favourable business environment for clients. We have also created synergies among stakeholders to foster strong business outcomes.

Media Management Services by Amity

Amity is proficient in managing, controlling, and providing direction of the media related business functions and giving them the strategic advantage it deserves. We help in redefining the role of media in the business and align the business with the media outlook. With consultants and industry experts from various domains, we offer media management services to the businesses of all size and expertise.

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