Driver License & Vehicle
Registration Software

The Smart Card based Solution has been implemented for the issuance of smart card Driving License and Vehicle Registration certificate (DL/RC). This card can be used as a secure national ID.


The card is then issued to the applicant of either. The Smart DLRC allows for the capturing of data at the point of action through a handheld terminal which is issued to law enforcement officers. It also acts as smart card vehicle logbook. The data is transferred to the Central database at the end of the day through a transport card in the handheld terminal. This has been implemented in the entire state of Jharkhand, India for the last four years. We have already issued more than one million cards in this project.


Applicants and vehicles data are collected. Personalisation is done and security keys are inserted in the card by authorised officials, making it a secure ID card.

  • An easy way of registering driver license.
  • Hand-Held devices can be used for the data transfer of DL/RC.
  • More efficient in taking information from the license and during vehicle registration.
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