Sugarcane Farmer’s Web Portal

During the crushing period, sugarcane factories are in operation round-the-clock requiring uninterrupted and continual supply of sugarcane. In that, the farmers used to get the ‘purchi’, on the basis of which they planned harvesting and supply on schedule of their sugarcane crop, they needed to travel to the factory. This resulted in long queues outside the sugar factory of farmers awaiting answers to their queries and complaints. This also led to wastage of resources and confusion since any information to the farmer was in a disorganised form. Amity, taking into account all these challenges, has provided a comprehensive solution in its user-friendly portal

What is

It is a unique initiative by Amity Software that addresses the requirements of both, sugarcane farmers and sugar factories. It is a web portal which provides complete and up-to-date information about farmer’s sugarcane crop, harvest schedules, supplies, and payments. Farmers have the option to use either through their mobile phone or internet-enabled computer. The data is retrieved directly from sugar factory’s server in real-time as and when a farmer makes requests. was initiated in the year 2011 for serving a few thousand sugarcane farmers of Uttar Pradesh. Today, more than 3 million farmers and 50+ sugar factories of India use Owing to the success of this web portal, Amity has also designed similar farmer web portals for the farmers of other countries as well.

Highlights of

Supply and Payment

Payment details of the factory for all the seasons and percentage of payment being made with respect to the supply cost.

GPS Survey

Provides a summary of the plots and area surveyed using GPS survey.

Live Yard View

Provides a view of the factory weighbridge using connected IP cameras.

Sugarcane Policies

Contains the factory policies laid down for the farmers to follow for a survey, weighment, etc.

Sugarcane Calendar

Contains the calendaring information of the factory.

Sugarcane Development Activities

Contains links showing the development activities provided by the factory to the farmers.

Benefits for Mill

– Supply of fresh sugarcane as farmers are able to plan their harvesting due to the availability of electronic Supply Ticket information
– No gathering of farmers at the factory as the farmer can view their data sitting at home
– Better relationship with farmers as they get up-to-date information
– Better utilisation of factory manpower as it saves on enquiry man hours
– Direct communication with farmers and eliminates middlemen
– Promotes paperless working
– Excellent fastest communication medium with farmers

Benefits for Farmers

– Advanced crop information
– Better scheduling and planning
– Better productivity
– Electronic receipt generation
– Real-time information on cane related activities
– Easy access to policies and development in the factory
– Easy access to sugar factories through QMS, IVRS, and SMS.

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