Weighbridge Software

Amity weighbridge software is the leading automation tool for factories and mills around the globe. Our interactive and modern software finds its application in a number of complex industrial operations. We help you to time your inventory & production management activities and boost workflow efficiency with traffic control & simple ticketing.

Our weighbridge system software caters to quarries, mines, recycling plants, farms, oil companies, agricultural distribution, etc.

Experience Business Automation with Weighbridge Software

Our unmanned weighbridge software is easy to use at all levels of business complexity and requirements. Modules can be added and removed as per your need. You don’t need to select modes and remember their codes because our software requires no manual supervision and operator at the control panel.

We offer your business a completely man less weighbridge system. Get hassle-free implementation and ready-to-use software.

Stay Ahead with Value-Added Services

Get a higher ROI and better life with our value-added services for unmanned weighing software.

Software Installation

We are a licensed manufacturer of automated truck scale software. Our team designs and installs weighbridge as per your load capacity and need.

Weighbridge Repair

We offer physical & other repair services of weighbridge software solutions to our clients with a team of experienced engineers & technicians deployed on premise.

Annual Maintenance

Over time, the reliability and accuracy of a weighbridge reduce. By entering AMC with us, you can avail periodic maintenance service for your weighbridges.

Outsourced Operations

We undertake outsourced operations of weighbridges as a service by deputing our technicians to manage and carry out your weighing operations.

Key Features of Our Weighbridge Software

We have proprietary software for unattended weighbridge system which gives error-free weighing and eliminates the possibility of fraud. Also, our weighing system is completely automatic and needs no manpower. You can use our weighing solution for accurate weighing in remote locations as well.

  1. Multiple Setups: Our weighbridge system software allows the operation of multiple weighbridges through a single source.

  2. Web Enabled: Our solution is completely web-enabled which allows you to stay connected to the system on the go.

  3. ERP Integration: Our weighbridge software can be easily bundled with SAP and other ERP systems for seamless data integration.

  4. Completely Automatic: Our operator less weighbridge software requires no supervisor, no labour, and no operator to work.

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How Does Our Weighbridge Software Integration Work?

Weighbridge Software

Our Weighbridge Software Solutions Sets You on Autoplay

We specialise in designing and installing an expansive weighbridge solution that controls truck movements, collects precise and accurate data of weight, and monitors the goods entering and leaving your compound. Amity Software holds decades of unmatched expertise, a proven track record of successful implementation, and one of the largest teams of weighbridge software experts in India.

Our solution is helping hundreds of businesses operate faster, better, and more efficiently by control of weighted and non-weighted movement. It also prevents weighing fraud. Our unmanned weighbridge works on a tried and tested method which gives you reliability, security, trust, and robustness and can well work with all major third-party software solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you link your software to my accounting system?

Yes, our weighbridge software can be bundled with your existing accounting system. You can automate payments, invoicing, and financing functions with this.

Will I still need a weighbridge manager?

You can automate the document verification stage with our weighbridge system software. It eliminates the need for a weighbridge manager in the system.

Can a truck get weighed twice?

No. The unmanned weighbridge comes with boom barriers and automatic traffic lights which restrict the movement of the truck to forward direction only.

I have an old weighbridge setup. Can you automate it?

Yes, weighbridge software solutions can be implemented in all weighbridge setups. We can upgrade your existing one to the automatic weighbridge unit.

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