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Ideology and domain expertise precede Amity’s position as an SAP implementation company in India and East Africa. For us, no two businesses are the same. No single standard solution can cater to the needs of all the businesses operating in a domain. Every business need varies and every solution varies.

Amity is a channel partner of SAP for providing a portfolio of ERP services. We are the leading SAP training company, offering easy, quick, and cost-efficient SAP rollouts to our customers. Our innovative SAP solutions cater to clients across industries and geographies. This corresponds with competitive pricing and flexible delivery models.

Furthermore, we bundle our in-house developed products together with SAP products. As an SAP implementation company, it allows us to provide end-to-end services to the customers. This enables you to have a one-stop-shop for all your application needs. You can also enjoy our template for integration between SAP and other in-house products.

SAP Implementation Company for all your SAP needs

We duplicate the business benefits gained in one continent to the other. As a trusted SAP implementation company, we have a large team of consultants for SAP’s services and products.

SAP Product License

We are a recognised VAR (Value Added Reseller). We re-sell SAP ERP licenses to businesses, saving clients’ money, improve accessibility, and increase productivity for a range of SAP products. Read more to know our expertise.

SAP Implementation

As an SAP implementation company, we understand that even if two businesses are in the same trade, their needs will differ from each other. See how we make SAP implementation service easier and quicker for you.

SAP Upgrade & Support

A study by IBM said that most of the businesses go on for years before making an upgrade in their SAP ERP systems. This puts you back several steps than your competition but we can help you with your comeback.

Business Process Consulting

With every implementation, we train the staff to use the system and exploit its features to the most. If your business want our consultants to guide your existing implementation or to study your business environment…

Reimagine Your Business, Process, and Experiences

Not every SAP implementation company can boast of what we boast of. Our expertise and selective authority over the modules has resulted in nothing but the best team of SAP consultants in the continent. We help you reimagine your business, process, and shape experiences.

Domain Expertise

As an SAP implementation company, our domain expertise spreads across the product development value chain. This is coupled with research, design, and innovation. As a result, our clients have a competitive advantage and the ability to meet business goals.

Global footprint

Our SAP implementation company consultancy spread to North America, Africa, and Asia. Our work there also provides us with an edge and global competitiveness. Our team has developed a worldview, a perspective which we apply to our approach and problem-solving capabilities.

Operational excellence

Being an SAP implementation company, we integrate and optimise people, processes, and technologies to deliver operational excellence every time. Our best-practice methodologies and focus on continuous improvement will add value to our clients’ business.

Innovative solutions

As an SAP implementation company, we aim to drive innovation externally as well as internally. We achieve this by combining domain expertise with critical thinking and cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions that differentiate us in the market.

Why We Are a Reliable SAP Implementation Partner?

We help you get most out of investment

An SAP implementation is a considerable investment for a business. Consequently, it is obvious that you would want it to be perfect and extract as much return from your investment as possible. We align our implementation service with your business objectives. We address the financial, operational, and technical obstacles which allow you to give value for your SAP investment.

We know SAP packages are a big draw

An SAP implementation company like us understands that installing and implementing an SAP ERP system is a big deal for most companies. It is considered to be a huge draw, especially for those organisations which are looking for continuous and interpolated results in their business processes. You wouldn’t want to implement a million dollar project in your organisation only to find that it does not deliver.

We understand challenges

An SAP implementation is a large scale transformation in an organisation, irrespective of the size. It affects and impacts each and every functional aspect of your business. Thus, as a responsible SAP implementation company, we understand the challenges that you can face during the said change. To counter these challenges, we prepare a robust project management strategy for smooth implementation.

How Our SAP Implementations Set New Standards

As a responsible SAP implementation company, we make sure that the needs of the customer are analysed well and accurately. First, our team runs an analysis of the business process that you are implementing in the workplace and compare it with the standards. Once done, we plan the project scope, highlight the objectives that need to be achieved, and priorities of the implementation.

Once our SAP implementation company gathers all the required data and statistics from your business, we start working on a blueprint of the solution. It is done with meeting with your stakeholders and all the departments which will be affected by the implementation. The detailed blueprint of the solution contains all the challenges that we have to eliminate, the objectives the implementation will achieve, and the schedule of the entire project.

An SAP implementation company will install and implement the solution to your business processes effectively. We do that smoothly, in various phases, so that the transition in your process change is laminar and doesn’t feel like a bump. Based on the business process flowchart, data migration takes place. We customise the solution as per the system needs.

Once the team of experts receive the customer sign-off, we implement the system in your business flow. We, then, send consultants as part of an SAP training company to your site for user training. The consultants train the users, across all phases, to properly use the SAP implementation and optimally utilise the system. The consultants conduct comprehensive training of the users and administrators of the system.

User Acceptance Testing is the final phase of the project. As an SAP implementation company, it is our duty that the system that you will use should work without any errors. However, the market studies show that several ERP implementations in the companies fail due to lack of compatibility. Hence, before dusting off the system on you, we perform the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to affirm that the system will work error-free in various business scenarios. You can imagine this as running as a simulation for the implementation.

The last stage of the project is the Go Live of the implementation. The organisation goes live and the SAP ERP is implemented successfully in the business. Once Go Live status is approved, you can start managing all the business activities independently with the help of the new system. The consultants of our SAP training company conduct the final review meeting with the functional heads and key stakeholders. Once the system starts operation, our consultants provide post-implementation support.

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