Fleet Management Software

Track & Manage your fleet with smart fleet management software system.
Improve Your Fleet Productivity & Efficiency With Real-Time Analysis & Insightful Reports.

Product Range for Our Fleet Management Software

Our Fleet management software is the modern solution for your modern fleet operations. We give you freedom from the hefty task of maintaining spreadsheets and paper files for each process. Our software is flexible which can manage the entire operations of your business, whether you have 1 asset or a hundred.

Vehicle Tracking Software

Our proprietary system uses dual SIM card technology to allow uninterrupted connectivity for continuous tracking of the vehicle.

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Fuel Level Monitoring Software

We use sensors and actuators to monitor the fuel level in the vehicles integrated with the Electronic Control Unit of the vehicle.

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Fuel Dispensing Control Software

Automated system to monitor the amount of fuel dispensed the vehicle in which fuel is filled, and the payment monitoring.

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Why Use Our Fleet Management Software?

Our fleet management software is very easy to use and is designed for all kinds of businesses. Whether you want a system for your transportation service, for your factory, for your farm, or anything else, our software solution can suit your needs. The software by Amity is based on a collaborative nature. This means that to extract the optimum functioning of the fleet monitoring software, your employees can work together. There is no limit on the number of users that can be added to the system with the help of flexible and controlled permissions.

One of the best things about the software developed by us is the portability and remote access for the users. As an administrator, you can be connected to the fleet management software all the time. We offer an online web portal and mobile application for you to keep yourself updated on the go.

Fleet Management Software

Technical Features of Our Fleet Management Software

Our GPS integrated FMS is developed after a deep understanding of the handling of large volumes of data generated from a large fleet of vehicles on the move 24×7. Our fleet management software is designed to suit the needs of the users accessing the system from various devices like desktops and mobile devices.

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