Smart Weighing software System
Manless & Operatorless Weighing

Product Range of Our Smart Weighing software System

Smart Truck Scale

The Smart Weighment System is an ‘operator less’ or ‘manless’ automatic weighing system.

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In-field Weighing

Within-the-field weighing of commodities like tea leaves, milk, sugarcane, banana, and others.

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Licensed manufacturer of weighbridges and weigh-scales as per their proprietary designs.

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The industrial settings often require some kind of weighing mechanism or system. Earlier, these weighing systems were manual where an operator would generate the receipt for the raw material and for the end product. Amity Software develops and offers a range of several solution systems for automating the above process. These solutions include various channels and control methods so that the weighing process at the entry and exit stations can be easily integrated with our Smart Weighing software System.

Technology Behind Smart Weighing software System

The Smart Weighing software System is based on barrier control of the input so that they must pass through the system, a database to store standard values against which the reading will be compared, and an operator free automatic weighing system. The weighing solution for Man less Weighing software and Operator less Weighing software model uses a host computer to store all the information that can be easily accessed by the administrators of the system. On request, weighing software system can be developed to automatically analyse the weighing operation for efficiency.

The weighing database makes the weighing at the stations accurate, generates reliable results, and is very convenient to integrate and use. The weighing process, with the help of an automated system, improves intolerance and the redundancies in the system fall drastically.

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